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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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you maneuver. >> i was wondering what the plan is. how chaotic the new system is. one speaker we had earlier, you know, was very concise in talking about the issue of efficiency. and i was wondering -- we have to roll it out and give people a chance to get used to it. i heard how much better it worked in oakland. there seems to be more to it. it seems to be how the software program is handled. i wonder if part of the plan is after people have gotten a chance to be used to this, have
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had some experts get through the system and tell us at what time, with the efficiency, when this is working and not working? >> first of all, this was expedited through the system. the more patient one is the homeowner. sometimes they did not know where they are, and they're really trying to pass more information. the customer coming in with the information desk, if this is a violation we ask them to go to the 64 or the first floor. they need to come back to the first floor to get the ticket. unfortunately, people jam up the
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system. there may be some other way as we try to educate -- standing from the front line to tell them where to go. from our staff side, we had a lot of training, on the fifth floor, and this is what we are trying to do. the customer site is sometimes the toughest one. >> and other any questions? thank you. >> item 8-f? >> one thing we have been trying to do is help the rechords managment and have the things available online, so we implemented the 3-r request so
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they can request things on the web. another thing is we work on scoping, having people be able to have records requests. we have things we work on in order to assist people to use the web to be more efficient. >> thank you. questions? >> item 8-t, was adressed earlier. is there any public comment on items 8-a through g? seeing none, item 9, commissioner's questions and matters? 9-a, inquiries to staff, regarding documents, policies,
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and procedures. >> is there any -- commissioner walker: i would love an agenda item around the housting authority and code enforcement. we get updated to our working together on the housing authority building up to code. there is the check-in? >> alvarez -- someone from housing authority. >> we could do that for the next meeting. vice president? >> it could be in line with that. as we heard from one speaker, there is a lot of outstanding
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n.o.v. we hd asked for a breakdown of the bad actors. it is a lot of the same buildings or same landlords who account for a lot of the violations. if we had a spreadsheet on that -- by neighborhood, we can see that. >> deputy director sweeney is working on the nov. we will have something for the next report. we had one from the public -- we could work towards. is there any more questions? seeing none. >> item 9-b. future meetings and agendas?
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you may discuss a special meeting or the items for the agenda of the mesnext meating. eting. the next date is july 18. are there any other comments on that item? is there any public comment on 9-a or b? seeing none, item 10, review and approval of the minutes of the meeting of february 15, 2012. is there any motion to approve? >> motion to approve. >> second. >> are all in favor? any public comment? no public comment. everyone said -- aye. are their any opposed?
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no. the minutes are approved. item 11, approval of the minutes of march 21, 2012. >> call the question. >> to approve? >> a second. >> is there any public comment? are all in favor of approving the minutes? >> aye. >> any opposed? the minutes are approved. item 12, discussion on a-b appointment, hiring of the interim director of the department of building inspection, and confirmation for transition purposes, persuant to 1.1d with the annual salary
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ordinance. 12-a, public comment on the closed session. is there public comment? seeing none -- item 12-b, possible action to convene a closed session. is there a motion? go ahead. >> i was wondering if we could discuss this in open session. i get up this morning at 6:30 nd and read about this in the "san francisco chronicle." we are deciding something the mayor and h.r. knows about, but we don't. why do we need a closed session if the "bay-guardian" knows
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about it. we may as well discuss it in open session. let the discussion happen. >> i tend to agree. i think that finding out from other sources that there is an effort to solicit a resignation from the director that we have not discussed, the entire commission has not had a discussion. this is a slap in the face to the rest of the commission. i think this has been a process over the last few years of continued harrassment from the president chair, not you, commissioner mccarthy, but from the previous director.
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we would hope that this would stop so that we could try to bring people together and move forward. the department has gone into the black and we have initiated many of the programs that we attempted to do over the last 15 years. we are in the middle of upgrades in our department, which we were trying to do for the last 10 years. three times, before this has gone forward and failed. we are succeeding in upgrading the computer systems, and a program that was all the time after time, and we are moving this into an administrative position. i am not clear what happened. i think that we, the commission
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have a right to know what happened and so does the public. >> is there any more discussion? >> it appears that some of us no more than others. regardless, we should discuss this in closed session. i make a move to convene in closed session. >> seconded. >> a motion to go into closed session. i will do a roll call. president mccarthy? >> aye. >> mar? >> no. >> clinch? >> yes. >> lee? >> yes. mcrae? >> yes. melgar? >> no. >> the motion carries, 4-3, and
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we will convene >> hello. this is item 12d. reconvene in open session to vote on whether to disclose any and all discussions held in closed session. is there a motion? >> i make a motion to reconvene in open session and to disclose the results of the closed session. >> second. >> are all in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? >> at this stage, i would like to turn it over to the city
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attorney. >> the president has asked me to read into the record the decision of the in building inspection commission. a majority of the building inspection commission voted to confirm the appointment by the human resources director of vivian day, as special assistant for transfer -- for the commission ethnologist director day's -- commission acknowledges director day's resignation.
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the commission also looks to a point -- to appoint tom as acting director effective july 1. this will be subject to a six- month evaluation, done by the building inspection commission, and initiation of a job search for a new director. >> thank you, city attorney. at this point, i would like to -- madame secretary, what would you like to -- >> the next item on the agenda is item 13, adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn. >> i move that we adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we are now turned at -- now adjourned at 1:55 p.m.
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>> hello. you're watching the show that explores san francisco's love affair with food. there are at least 18 farmers markets in san francisco alone, providing fresh and affordable to year-round. this is a great resource that does not break the bank. to show just how easy it can be to do just that, we have come up
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with something called the farmers' market challenge. we find someone who loves to cook, give them $20, and challenge them to create a delicious meal from ingredients found right here in the farmer's market. who did we find for today's challenge? >> today with regard to made a pot greater thanchapino. >> you only have $20 to spend. >> i know peter it is going to be tough, but i think i can do it. it is a san francisco classic. we are celebrating bay area food. we have nice beautiful plum tomatoes here. we have some beautiful fresh fish here. it will come together beautifully. >> many to cut out all this talk, and let's go shop. yeah. ♪
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>> what makes your dish unique? >> i like it spicy and smoky. i will take fresh italian tomatoes and the fresh seafood, and will bring them to other with some nice spoked paprika and some nice smoked jalapeno peppers. i am going to stew them up and get a nice savory, smoky, fishy, tomatoy, spicy broth. >> bring it on. how are you feeling? >> i feel good. i spent the $20 and have a few pennies less. i am going to go home and cook. i will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti
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sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food. family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x and the delicious. all this double in view is this
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broth with great flavor. but your heart into it. make something that you, family, and friends will really enjoy. >> i am here with a manager at the heart of the city farmer's market in san francisco. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores. we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes, >> check them out. thank you.
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>> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love it. >> mmm. >> what do you think? >> i think i am going to need more. perhaps you can have all you want. >> i am produce the that you have crushed this farmer's market challenge by a landslide.
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the first, we're going to have to tally of your shopping list and see what you actually spend that the farmer's market. >> and go for it. >> incredible. you have shown us how to make super healthy, refresh chapino from the farmers market on the budget, that for the whole family. that is outstanding. >> thank you peter i am glad that you like it. i think anybody can do it. >> if you like the recipe for this dish, you can e-mail us at or reach out to us on facebook or twitter and we >> welcome to culture wire. we will look at the latest and
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greatest public art project. recently, the airport unveiled the new state of the art terminal. let's take a look. the new terminal service and american airlines and virgin america was designed by a world- renowned architecture's firm. originally built in 1954, the building underwent massive renovation to become the first registered terminal and one of the must modern and sustainable terminals and the united states. the public art program continues its 30-year legacy of integrating art into the airport environment with the addition of five new commissions that are as bold and dynamic as the new
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building. >> this project was completed in record time, and we were able to integrate the artist's early enough in the process that they could work with the architect said that the work that is completed is the work that really helps complement and instill the space as opposed to being tucked away in a corner. >> be experience begins with the glass facades that was designed with over 120 laminated glass panels. it captures the experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane. depending on the distance or point of view, it can appear clear for more abstract and atmospheric. the subtle colors change gradually depending on the light and the time of day. >> i wanted to create an art
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work that looks over time as well as working on in the first glance. the first time you come here, you may not see a. but you may be able to see one side over the other. it features a couple of suspended sculptures. each was created out of a series of flat plains run parallel to each other and constructed of steel tubing. >> it is made up of these strata. as the light starts to shift, there is a real sense that there is a dynamism. >> it gives the illusion that this cultures might be fragments of a larger, mysterious mass. >> the environmental artwork livens it with color, light, and
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the movement. three large woven soldiers are suspended. these are activated by custom air flow program. >> i channeled air flow into each of these forms that makes it move ever so slightly. and it is beating like a heart. if-0 when as of the forces of nature moving around us every second. >> shadow patterns reflect the shapes of the hanging sculptures. the new terminal also features a children's play areas. both of the market the exploratory n.y. -- exploratorium. the offer travelers of all ages
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a playful oasis. using high quality plywood, they created henches shaped like a bird wings that double as musical instruments. serving as a backdrop is a mural featuring images of local birds and san francisco's famous skyline. >> in the line between that is so natural, you can see birds and be in complete wilderness. i really like that about this. you could maybe get a little snapshot of what they are expecting. >> it is an interactive, keck sculpture that is interacted with by the visitor. >> they are a lot about and they fall down the belt.
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it moves the belt up, and if you turn that faster, the butterflies fall in the move of words. >> the art reflect the commission's commitment to acquiring the best work from the bay area and beyond. in addition to the five new commissions, 20 artworks that were already in the airport collection were reinstalled. some of which were historically cited in the terminal. it includes major sculptures by the international artists. as a collection, these art works tell the story of the vibrant arts scene in the early 1960's through the mid-1980s's. the illustrate san francisco's cultural center and a place of innovation that is recognized and the love throughout the world. one of the highlights is a
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series of three left tapestries. they are on view after being in storage for 20 years. these tapestries representing various gardens. from his years of living in san francisco. hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and whilst dahlias in rich, deep shades as they make their way to the baggage area. they can access behind-the- scenes information and interviews with the artist through an audio to work. it features archival audio as well as interviews with living artists. he can be accessed on site by dialing the telephone numbers located near the artwork or by visiting the commission's web
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site. the public art speaks volumes of san francisco as a world-class city with world-class art and culture. for more information, visit